FAQ - Bem Bolado Brasil



All the payments to Bem Bolado Shop can be made in several options: PayPal, PagueSeguro or bank transfer/deposit. Once the best option is the bank deposit, it is necessary to send us the payment confirmation by e-mail at vendas@bemboladobrasil.com.br.

We usually accept the orders 24 hours after payment confirmation. But it can happen up to 72hours, in case the order is not available at the store.

The deadline for the delivery might depend on the area (city/state), and the delivery service which has been hired. Post office services at Correios are available at conventional working hours, from Monday to Friday, full-time, and part-time on Saturdays. That means it is not likely to know exactly when or what time the order might be available, but once SEDEX services are hired, the orders can be tracked.

The posting company – Correios, tries up to three times delivering the orders on the address given by the customers. After the third attempt, the order is sent back to the store, so that we may check it. Once we understand we had failed to do it, the order is immediately re-sent to its buyer; in case it had been a mistake regarding the address or any other missing or wrong information, our company is not going to do it. So make sure to have filled the purchase form correctly before you confirm your order.

No. The only way for retail sales at   Bem Bolado Brasil is online.

It will depend on the shipment size to be delivered. The cost is calculated automatically as soon as the purchase is confirmed. All the orders are sent by the Correios, as one regular order, or SEDEX.

We recommend that you check your order as soon as you receive it, together with the deliverperson. In case you find anything which seems not ok, either with the package or with the product you have bought, do not accept it and please email us right away: (vendas@bemboladobrasil.com.br). Even if you notice something incorrect or out of order, please, contact us immediately.

Please, we ask you to contact us by email and describe what problems you have found and send us a picture of it, if it’s possible. We may analyse it and do what we can to solve it: vendas@bemboladobrasil.com.br

Yes, as long as your order hasn’t been sent. If you’re willing to add products to one previous order and shipping plan, please email us at vendas@bemboladobrasil.com.br.

Yes, there is. You can call to (5511) 3034-3145, Monday to Friday at regular working hours, or e-mail us at vendas@bemboladobrasil.com.br.

Not at all. We use the two biggest and safest e-commerce platforms – PagueSeguro and PayPal, as well as available banking transactions . All our delivery are 100% in charge of the posting company, Correios. No risk at all.

No. The order will be considered only after you receive one message, which you’ll see on your computer screen. In case this doesn’t happen, please, repeat the operation.

Yes, indeed. The information are used for the registering process and the delivery service only. All the personal information received are confidential, stored in one server and will never be shared with anyone.