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Bem Bolado has always worked hard and been proud to show its Brazilian origins. Since 2012, the company has been building a lifestyle aiming a positive life path. We spend all our energy to make innovative and functional ideas come true. At last, we need to justify the baptism name – “bem bolado”.

Nourishing bonds of affection and sustainable connections is one of our Business plan priorities since the beginning. Bem Bolado now exists because of the strength and determination of a few friends. We believe that together, we are stronger.

Proudly national, we offer the highest quality in our smoking rolling papers and the large range of accessories made in Brazil, such as grinders, wallets, filter tips and over 30 items.


Fabricio Penafiel

Fabricio Penafiel


Born in a family of artists and designers, he has always directed the creative aspects of marketing. In his experience luggage, he has got 28 years of important works at the main Advertising companies in Brazil, such as Agnelo Pacheco and Carillo Pastrone. Another important event in his career was working with hige clients, once he had been the arts director in companies as Embratel and Antártica. From 2001 to 2014, he ran his own Marketing and Advertising company.
Renato Lucato

Renato Lucato


Driven by the cool surf breeze and nature, Renato has already had a very successful journey into surfwear business. His experience consists of sales representation at Quicksilver, DC Shoes, as well as other international brands. Constantly aware of what's going on all over the world and after many years living abroad, he has acquired a vast professional vision on sales based on transparency and open dialogue.
Thiago Almeida

Thiago Almeida


Integrating departments is Thiago Almeida's great expertise, after all 13 years working into huge Advertising companies have raised great skills to deal with different aspects in marketing and communication. In addition to this experience, he has also been responsible for the video production at TAZ, where he used to be one of the partners and in charge of coordinating the overall activities. His working experiences were developed in companies such as DM9, Leo Burnett and J.W. Thompson, as well as the direct support for clients at Honda, P&G, Cerveja Sol and others.


Being a creative and innovative reference through lifestyle, aiming at Brazil and the world.


Expanding the Brazilian market, aiming at the world.


Innovation • Determination • Reference • Pleasure


At Bem Bolado we believe marketing activities and partnerships do only make sense if they are creative, contemporary and pass on our concept. Our networks, for example, are much more than simply popularity measurers: they promote information and opinion on the way for both company and customer. Also brands with similar values to ours are always welcome to carry out smart and updated partnership, in order to generate new ideas. This is "#BemBoladoStyle" — our way of thinking and interacting with the public.